European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing

Image of ECIIA logo design
How time flies, I've been working with the ECIIA (through Smith de Wint, another client of mine) for over six years. My first project was to redesign their logo and design a brochure to commemorate their 25th Anniversary. Working closely with Smith de Wint, who specialise in the editorial content, we quickly gained their trust and have been working on numerous projects with them ever since, most notably, their website
Image of ECIIA website homepage design on a MacBook Pro laptop
Images showing the responsive design of the ECIIA website on a iPad and iPhone
ECIIA Client testimonial: The ECIIA has been working with Arthur (Smith de Wint) and his team (which includes Levitate) for the past 6 years. During that time, he’s helped us create the right image among our stakeholders. That has included re-launching our website and creating a regular blog to capture a permanent audience. In addition, he’s worked with us to create our European Governance magazine, which has really helped us keep our stakeholders updated about our activities in an intelligent and engaging way. Thanks to Arthur’s assistance, we are now able to communicate regularly with European Commissioners in a professional manner. Pascale Vandenbussche, Secretary General – ECIIA, Belgium
Image of ECIIA's European Governance e-magazine cover design
Design images of the ECIIA's e-magazine European Governance
Image of ECIIA brochure cover design
Images of ECIIA brochure layout design
Closing comments
I think the examples above nicely illustrate what I'm about. From small beginnings I have gone on to form a fruitful partnership, working on a broad range of media to help my client communicate clearly and consistently, and carefully cultivate their brand image to raise the ECIIA's profile.
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