Real Grace

Brand images for Real Grace ethical fashion, images show diverse body size models wearing clothing
Real Grace luxury ethical fashion logo design
This project beautifully illustrates why I love what I do. Jane came to me wanting a website to sell her clothes. She left with an e-commerce website that perfectly presents her products, plus a brand that elegantly communicates her ethical values and sense of style.
Main image of Real Grace website design, website is responsive and has e-commerce functionality. Made using Wordpress
Images showing Real Grace website design on iPad and iPhone to demonstrate how the responsive design looks on different devices
Real Grace luxury ethical fashion. Company founder Jane Hubbard testimonial: Mark created my sustainable fashion brand website. He has also designed logos, business cards and publicity material for me. His work is consistently excellent; creative, crisp and professional. He takes time to understand my brand message and he always works with great integrity to surpass expectations both with new projects and ongoing  improvements to the Real Grace website.
Image showing Real Grace leaflet design example
Image showing Real Grace business card design and shopping bag design
Closing comments
Jane is a fun client to work with, this combined with her strong values, created a project that was a pleasure to work on. I began the project by designing her logo, after that, the e-commerce site and various promotional items followed to tie in with her site launch. It always makes me feel privileged, when I play an important role in the creation of a new brand.
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