Smith de Wint

Image of Smith de Wint logo design
Smith de Wint is one of my first freelance clients and I’ve been working with them for 15 years now. Working together that long builds a great level of trust, and Arthur Piper, Smith de Wint’s director, is now more than a client, he’s good friend. I’ve worked with him for numerous clients over the years, two of which are on this site (ECIIA and IRM), and it was a pleasure to help create Smith de Wint's updated branding and website
Image of Smith de Wint's ( website homepage design on a iMac desktop computer
Images of Smith de Wint's website. The images show the responsive design layouts.
Arthur Piper Smith de Wint's director client testimonial: I’ve worked with Mark and his team on a wide variety of projects, and he has always provided great work, on time and tailored to the needs of me and my clients. When it comes to client care, he does what most people merely talk about. I’d recommend him very highly.
Image of Smith de Wint's stationery design
Close-up image of Smith de Wint's logo on letterhead paper and Arthur Piper's business card design
Closing comments
At the risk of sounding contrived, Smith de Wint are a great example of how important relationships are in business. The trust and understanding that we’ve built-up over the years makes working with them seamless, and a lot of my best work has been done for them because of this.
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